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Anand Jagadeesh
Chartered Engineer (India) A.M.I.E | MSc AI graduate from UofStA, Scotland

Anand is a machine learning engineer and artificial intelligence enthusiast. He is a former Software Engineer II in the PowerMax Replication and Cloud team at Dell EMC. Anand completed his Bachelor of Technology in Computer Science and Engineering from Mahatma Gandhi University, Kerala and his Master of Science in Artificial Intelligence from the University of St Andrews, Scotland. He served as the Postgraduate Sustainability Representative for the School of Computer Science, UofStA, for the academic year 2021-2022. Apart from helping improve the product at Dell EMC, Anand has helped the BU in employee engagement by being a part of the PowerMax University Relations team and PowerMax Innovation Network, serving in leadership positions. He has been part of multiple start-up ventures and has initiated three start-ups. Anand is also a member of various professional bodies, including IET, IEEE, IEEE CS, ACM and Internet Society. He has served in multiple volunteering leadership positions in many of these organizations. Besides coding and volunteering, he enjoys being a shutterbug. His technical interests lie in the explainability and ethics of AI, adapting AI for cyber security, and advances in blockchain and cloud and distributed computing technologies. He aspires to build an intelligent HCI system on his own that adapts an operating system to the user. Anand is available at www.anandj.xyz and his resume can be requested to be emailed to an email address at resume.anandj.xyz

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